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Silk Rugs

We clean silk rugs.  It is important you find a rug cleaner who is experienced in cleaning silk rugs.  Silk rugs can be successfully washed but must be carefully pre-inspected to determine if wet cleaning (washing) or a low moisture cleaning method is best given the condition and quality of your rug. 

It is important that we communicate to you any limiting conditions when cleaning your silk rug including:

  • Potential Texture distortion (both pile distortion and shading issues)

  • “Bleeding” Issues (Dye movement or fugitive dye issues)


Some silk rugs may actually be rayon or mercerized cotton.  During the inspection process, we will test your rug to determine if in fact you rug is 100% silk.  Rayon and mercerized cotton tend to have the same issues cleaning issues as moderate or lower quality silk rugs.


Moderate or lower priced silk rugs tend to have texture distortion and at times fugitive dye issues.  The quality of your silk many times can tell us a lot about your rug.  Lower quality silk rugs tend to have a higher pile height.  Typically, the higher the pile and lower the knot count, the cheaper the rug.  The higher the knot count and the lower the pile height indicate a higher quality silk rug.  Unfortunately, just because a rug was expensive does not necessarily mean the rug is of high quality silk.


Today, most hand knotted silk rugs are made in India, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Tibet/Nepal and China.  A few are made in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Most lower-end silk rugs are from China and India.  Rayon rugs are made in China while rugs with mercerized cotton are from Turkey. 


When we inspect your rug with you, we will discuss any concerns you have and provide you with your options so that you leave feeling comfortable and confident that you have left your silk rug with the right rug cleaner - Call us now (678) 523-7032!

silk rug 1.JPG

This is a beautiful silk that came in with cat vomit on the rug.  The customer had received the rug from her mother and had emotional ties to the rug and so had a low risk for accepting any pile distortion or dye movement issues .  After discussing the risks to washing the rug and the alternative option of performing a low moisture cleaning, the customer opted for a low moisture cleaning.  The result was the cat vomit stains were reduced and the customer was happy with the rug!

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