How to detect pet urine with a UV light

Rug before cleaning - some urine visible, some not:

Same rug under UV light - the urine fluoresces under UV light

If you smell urine in your home and you have animals, you most likely have urine deposits on your carpet, furniture and/or rugs. Animals urinate for a variety of different reasons which may include:

  • Nervousness or anxiousness

  • lack of proper potty training or litter box use

  • possible medical issues

  • territorial marking.

You may have noticed that the odor is more apparent when it's raining or during periods of high humidity such as the spring or summer.

These photos were taken of a customer's modern design rug using a UV light. This rug was placed in a dark room and was lit with a high intensity Ultraviolet light causing the heavily urine soaked areas to fluoresce. The areas were treated for stain and odor with special equipment and chemicals with success. It has been my experience that the best action my customer can take is to blot up the excess urine with a towel. I find that if a customer treats the urine affected areas themselves, my chances of success are greatly reduced.

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