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Atlanta's Area Rug Cleaning &
Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts!

We Are Certified Master Rug Cleaners!


You care about your home and want to keep it clean, sanitary, and smelling fresh.  All textiles need regular cleaning and care to extend their life, especially your rugs.  Area rugs trap dust, dirt, odors, and oils due to foot traffic, pet accidents, smoke, and various spills. 

We are the only cleaning professional in the state of Georgia to hold both the Master Rug Cleaner and Master Textile Cleaner certifications, demonstrating dedication to our craft. 

We clean all types of fibers including: your most common natural fibers (wool, cotton, silk, sisal, jute, and more...), synthetic fibers (nylon, polypropylene, olefin, polyester, and more...) and also hybrid fibers (viscose, rayon, bamboo silk, art silk, and more...)

We provide complimentary rug pickup and delivery*.  

Pickup and delivery is quick and easy and as always, you get a discount for dropping rugs off at our facility that is located 3/4 mile just west of the Big Chicken in Marietta GA. 

*Minimum purchase required



Jeff is a Master Rug Cleaner.  His careful evaluation and inspection of your rug will ensure the proper cleaning method is used to maximize your rugs cleanliness and appearance.  We will measure your rug, take pictures, and complete a detailed rug inspection report on your rug.  Jeff will call you if he sees any issues with the rug that have not been already discussed..

Rug Measurement small
Rug Pictures small
Rug Inspection small


We attempt to remove as much dry soil from your rug prior to washing it.  We have several tools we can use to accomplish this including: 

1) Commercial HEPA Vacuum
2) Strap Dusting - We use the "Rug Badger"
3) Air Duster
4) Rug Tumble Duster

Depending on the construction of your rug and the level of soil, we use the right combination of tools to accomplish dry soil removal.  Our dry soil removal process is gentle yet a highly effective way to remove literally pounds of dust, dirt and small particles from the rug.  

This dust contains dirt as well as silica which has sharp edges. As these sharp edges are compressed against the rug fibers with foot traffic during normal use, the fibers are cut and damaged, reducing the useful life of your rug.  Thorough dust and abrasive particulate soil removal is one of the key reasons your rugs need to be professionally cleaned every one to two years, depending on their location and the amount of soiling they receive. 




Our Rug Tumble Duster

This amazing equipment gently tumbles your rug back and forth to remove soil.

High Pressure Air dusting

We can use high pressure air on rugs to remove fine soil.

The Rug Badger

The Rug Badger is used on certain rugs where soil is heavily impacted.

Dust & Dirt

One rug can hold more than a pound of dirt and soil.


Rug cleaning requires making sure your rug is colorfast (many rugs can be ruined due to “dye bleed”) prior to washing.  We test your rug then determine the best plan of action based on the color stability of the dyes. We select gentle cleaning agents based on your rug's condition and we use a clear-water rinse to wash out all removable stains, dirt, and odors. We perform this rug cleaning process by hand, and we repeat it until the rug water washes clear and we are satisfied with the results.  We use special technology including our centrifuge to rinse your rug and remove water from your rug prior to the drying process.

We submersion hand wash each rug!

We believe our process gets your rug cleaner than any other washing method. For odor issues we perform our flush treatment.

Our flush treatment.

For odor issues we perform our flush treatment prior to washing your rug.

We do not use a one-size-fits-all rug cleaner

Some rug cleaning facilities use an automated processes to provide low cost "good-enough" cleaning. We wash every rug by hand!

We do not wash your rugs with other people's rugs.

We wash every rug individually for best results. We do not combine your rug with other filthy dirty rugs - yuk!

We submersion hand wash each rug individually!  For heavily soiled rugs and rugs that have odors (pet odors, mildew, etc) we perform our special flush treatment prior to washing to reduce/eliminate odor and extra soiling/staining issues caused by dog/cat urine, feces, vomit, or other contaminants. 

In the rug cleaning business, it is well known that a hand washed rug using state of the art equipment and cleaning agents is the best way to wash a rug.  High production rug cleaning facilities many times use a one-size-fits-all rug cleaning machine (conveyor belt - like a pizza oven).  Their "cheap, good enough" approach does not necessarily serve the customer who desires the cleanest rug possible.  It's kinda like getting your car hand washed by a detail company or going through a car wash.  Moreover, rugs that are not thoroughly cleaned and thoroughly rinsed get dirtier more quickly and require more frequent cleanings.


The RugRevolution "ProSS-1300" is the most advanced rug centrifuge wringer ever developed for extracting water out of area rugs.  After a thorough submersion washing, your rug is placed into our centrifuge. As your rug spins, fresh water is introduced to achieve a complete and thorough rinse.  This rinse continues until the water is clear and your rug is fresh and clean. Rugs that are not rinsed thoroughly get dirtier faster.  The extraction process removes over 98% of the water which helps reduce dry times significantly, making your rugs clean, soft and fresh again.


Our Rug Centrifuge

A centrifuge is what separates real rug cleaners from others!

Our Centrifuge

Ask how your rug is being rinsed - we introduce water to rinse your rug while it is spinning!


The drying process includes grooming the rug for the best results to deliver a luxuriously soft rug to you.  Our rug cleaning facility is not only temperature controlled including keeping humidity down.  We heat the entire warehouse in the winter and air condition the entire warehouse in the summer thus controlling the humidity.  Maintaining low humidity is essential for fast dry times which prevents mold/mildew growth which can cause odors if rugs are not dried quickly.  Once the rug is dry, we perform any fringe detailing needed, trim any loose fibers, and do one final inspection to make sure the rug cleaning results satisfy our high quality  standards.

Rug Grooming
Rug Drying


Once the rug is dry we perform fringe detailing if needed along with our multi-step quality control inspection.  We look for any additional spots or stains that may still exist (if so we perform additional spotting), trim any loose fibers, and then do one final inspection to make sure the rug cleaning results satisfy our high quality standards.

Rug Fringe Detail


As an optional service, we can apply fabric protection and moth deterrent to prevent your rug from future staining and moth problems.  We can deliver and install a custom-sized, non-skid rug pad to prolong the life and beauty of your fine area rug.  A quality rug pad custom-sized and selected especially for your rug for hard flooring surfaces or carpeted areas is a sound investment that will protect and extend the life of your rug.  Finally, we provide professional rug wrapping services for rug transport and storage.


We deliver your fresh, clean rug to you, bring it into your home and place it in its original location.  In addition, we will move any furniture as needed and install the rug with the rug pad properly in place. All of our work is guaranteed.  We do everything to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our rug cleaning services.  You'll look forward to walking across your clean rug again!

Rug Delivery Truck.JPG
Step 3 Rug Cleaning Process


Our Facility

(drop off your rugs, upholstery, & cushions)

Our customers come from all over the metro Atlanta area to bring us rugs and upholstery to clean.  Many of our customers come from referrals but we also get lots of new customers because they read our reviews (Google, Facebook, Nextdoor, Yelp, Angie’s List) and believe we are the best company to help them.  We are in the beautiful city of Marietta, Georgia less than a mile and just west of the “Big Chicken”.  We are one mile from the I-75 North Marietta Parkway exit with easy access to our location.  We are located on a quiet street with plenty of parking.

Areas we serve.jpg

Pickup & Delivery of Rugs & Onsite Upholstery Cleaning

Our service area has us traveling typically up to 30 miles from our facility in Marietta, GA but will also travel further to help our clients. 

Besides serving Marietta, we also serve many of the Metro Atlanta communities north, south, east, and west of us.  We mostly serve the following communities:

  • Us: The beautiful City of Marietta and all of Marietta’s communities

  • Our Boarding Neighbors: East Cobb, West Cobb, Kennesaw, Fair Oaks, Smyrna (Jonquil), Cumberland

  • East of us we mostly serve: East Cobb, Chattahoochee Plantation, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell, Alpharetta, Crabapple. 

  • South of us we mostly serve: Midtown Atlanta, Buckhead, Downtown Atlanta, Vinings, Mableton, Atlantic Station, West Paces Ferry, Northside, Brookhaven, Decatur, North Druid Hills, Embry Hills 

  • West of us we mostly serve: West Cobb, West Hampton, Shiloh West, Powder Springs, Lost Mountain, Dallas

  • North of us we mostly serve: Kennesaw, Shiloh West, Towne Lake, Acworth, Woodstock

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