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Cleaning Rugs In Your Home - Risks and Issues

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Below are some of the reasons you should not have your precious fine rugs cleaned in your home:

  1. Dyes Can Bleed: Many hand made rugs are constructed using natural fibers. Natural fibers should always be tested for dye stability prior to being washed. If dyes bleed in your home an on-site fix may not be possible.

  2. Cleaning The Whole Rug: Rugs should be cleaned through and through. This includes the top of the face fiber all the way down to it’s base as well as the back of the rug. Cleaning all of a thick hand knotted rug just is not possible in the home.

  3. What About the Fringe?: Fringe cleaning can be difficult even in a rug washing facility. Some fringes require detergents to be applied and left to dwell deep into the fiber to loosen impacted soils. Dwell time followed by a thorough fresh water rinse would create quite a mess on your hard surface flooring.

  4. Proper Drying: Oriental rugs need to dry quickly. Rug washing facilities have dry rooms equipped with powerful fans and dehumidifiers which dry rugs in hours, not days.

  5. Inspection of the Rug: Rugs, when brought to a wash facility can be thoroughly inspected using tools of the trade which will inform you of any special concerns prior to the washing. Many homes do not have sufficient lighting to allow a proper examination of all areas of your rug.

  6. Correction of Preexisting Issues: Some issues we encounter during rug examinations are pet urine spots & stains, dye bleeding, small pulls or tears, lose or unraveling fringes and weak foundation fibers. None of these concerns can be addresses properly while your rug is in your home.

  7. Cleaning The Floor: Removing your rugs gives you the opportunity to clean the flooring and wash or replace the padding. Note: All rugs should have padding.

  8. Inspections for Pests: Each year we see more rugs with moth and insect infestations. When we have rugs at our facility we can inspect for insects and fix the problem before they harm the rug!

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