We wash each rug individually for optimum results!

We Will Match Any Metro Atlanta  Rug Cleaning Company Price!

What you will need to know in order for us to price your rug:

  1. The size of your rug:  We need to know the size of your rug.  When measuring your rug, try to use a tape measure and not guess your rug's size.  Look for any labels on the back of your rug.  Many times the size of the rug can be found here.  

  2. The fiber type of your rug:  We need to know if your rug is a natural fiber or a synthetic fiber.  If you don't know, look for any labels on the back of your rug.  Many times the fiber type of the rug can be found here. If there are no labels, just text us a picture and we can usually tell by the picture (678-523-7032).

    • natural fibers - for example: wool, cotton, sisal, silk

    • synthetic fibers - for example: polyester, nylon, polypropylene

  3. Does your rug have any odors you can smell (pet, urine, mildew, etc...)?  If so, your rug may need to be soaked/flushed* in addition to our regular submersion wash. Literally get down on your hands and knees if you can and smell your rug.  If there are no strong odors, then our regular wash will probably be sufficient and your rug will most likely not need flushing.

  4. Is your rug real shaggy?  Very shaggy rugs can get very heavy when wet.  For some shaggy rugs (not all) we charge just a smidgen more.

* This is our standard procedure performed in the rug cleaning process for rugs that are moderately to heavily contaminated with pet urine, feces, vomit, mildew, or extreme organic material.  This patented submersion flush system permeates the entire rug to remove pet urine, feces, vomit, mildew, and/or extremely soiled organic material. This process is also more effective with removing stains. Odor removal guaranteed on woven rugs that get the optional flush.

​The more information we have about your rug the more accurate a quote we can provide you.  You can expect a call from us very shortly during normal business hours after you have submitted your request.  Thanks so much!

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