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Rug odor can be a real frustration.  Whether the odor is from pets (urine, vomit, dog body oils) or mildew from water issues, we can help solve these problems.  Odor in a rug is caused by organic material in the fibers. The only way you can get rid of the odor in your rug is you must find a rug cleaner who know how to get of all the organic material out of the rug.  We use very specialized equipment, processes, and chemistry to get rid of odor issues in your rugs. 


Sometimes, a regular full submersion wash is not enough to get out tough odor issues out of rugs.  When this is the case, we perform an extra step in the rug cleaning process to flush your rug of all organic material by using a combination of the following:

Dusting:  Dusting is an important step in removing odor.  One of the first things we do when cleaning your rug is attempt to remove as much particulate dry soil out of your rug as possible before washing your rug.  We may use a combination of different methods to remove soil from your rugs depending on your rug's level of impacted soil and type of construction and age.  Below are our four main pieces of equipment we use to remove dry soil from your rug:

  1. Rug Tumbler - Most of our rugs are put in the Automatic Rug Tumbler.  This large piece of equipment is specifically designed to tumble your rug in an forward/reverse rotation, gently tumbling your rug to remove soil.  The Rug Tumbler is extremely effective at removing imbedded dry soil that is at the base of your rug (out of a vacuum's reach) and it is also quite a labor saver for us!  We invest in expensive equipment so that we can get your rug as clean as possible!

  2. Air Duster - The Air Duster is a machine which uses high volume of air to push dust and debris out of your rug.  This is a very dusty process which we perform on our large outside dusting platform.

  3. Rug Duster - The Rug Duster is a machine which beats the back of your rug which has been laid out upside down on a metal grid on the dusting platform.  As we pass the duster over the rug, the particulate soil falls away from the surface of the rug and into the metal grid panel

  4. Vacuum - Some rugs respond best to just vacuuming due to their construction or they are fragile rugs and tumbling or dusting would either not be effective or may be too aggressive a method for their construction.  


Flushing: Flushing your rug prior to washing is one of the most critical processes we can perform to remove stubborn odors out of your rug.  Our submersion flush process permeates the entire rug to remove pet urine, feces, vomit, mildew, and/or extremely soiled organic material.  This process uses a combination of odor removing deodorizing chemistry and specialized equipment to allow your rug to be thoroughly flushed.  This process is also more effective with removing stains from your rug.  Because this process is so effective, we can guarantee odor removal from woven rugs that get the optional flush procedure performed.

Washing: Once your rug has been flushed, we then wash your rug on our wash floor.  This is our normal submersion wash process.

Rinsing: Although not obvious, rinsing your rug thoroughly also contributes to effective odor removal.  When the organic material in your rug is not rinsed out properly, odor can remain in your rug.  We place your rug in our 14’ rug centrifuge.  While your rug is spinning, we release fresh water into the centrifuge.  While your rug is spinning, we rinse your rug.  We watch the water coming out of the centrifuge and when the water is crystal clear, we then turn off the water and let your rug spin until pretty much all the water stops coming out of the centrifuge (very similar to your how your washing machine at home will spin your clothes).  It takes hundreds of gallons of water to properly rinse a rug. 


The reasons above are why we do not clean rugs in your home. It is just impossible to match the cleaning capabilities we have in our shop.

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