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You Always Get a Discount for Drop-off!
See below how to roll or fold your rug for transport.

30% OFF

Drop Your Rug Off At Our Shop FOR A LIMITED TIME



108 Ayers Ave., Marietta GA 30060

Drop off Any Time

No Appointment Necessary

Tues - Sat 9a-5p

Closed Sunday and Monday

If you can bring your rug in to our facility you can save 30% off the price of the cleaning.  You can either roll the rug or fold the rug – whichever works best for the type of vehicle you have.  See videos below on how to roll/fold a rug.


When coming to our facility to drop off your rugs, just come in the front office to let us know you are here.  
You will then be bringing your rug to the back second bay door for processing.

We always provide a discount for dropped off rugs!


To make the rug much easier to handle for transport, roll your rug as tightly as possible and then tie it in the middle and both ends.  For bigger/heavier rugs, you might consider using a 10’ 2” PVC pile to roll your rug around.  You can purchase the pipe from any Home Depot.  They carry them in the stores in the plumbing department.  When a rug is rolled, it will fit into most SUVs.  For larger rugs, if you stick the rug starting in the back and fitting it longways through the middle and tuck the end up into the windshield, it will usually fit (see photo for example).  If you can't roll the rug, check below on how you can fold a rug for transport.

rolled rug in a vehicle.jpg


The preferred method of transporting your rugs is by rolling the rug against the lay of the pile.  Many times larger rugs are too long to get into your vehicle when you roll them and so you might have to fold your rug. To the right is a video showing how to fold your rug so that it can fit into you vehicle. 

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