Moving?  Remodeling? Redoing Your Floors? Storing? 

We offer rug wrapping services for any rugs we clean.

Wrapping a rug prevents dust or other soils from getting on your clean rug prior to usage.  We also offer moth preventative services to coincide with rug wrapping for safe storage.  We offer two different types of wrapping materials - 1) poly tubing and 2) Tyvek. Call us for pricing and details!

1. For rug transport or very short term area rug storage (Poly Tubing)

For transporting your rug, we can wrap your rug in poly plastic tubing.  Poly tubing is not recommended for storing your rug but is fine for keeping dust off your rug during short projects (like refinishing your floors or home remodeling).

2. For longer term area rug storage (Tyvek)

For rug storage, we can wrap your rug in a Tyvek. Tyvek rug wrap is water resistant, inert to most organic an inorganic chemicals and can stand up to mishandling and abuse.  It is resistant to mold, mildew, water, and dust particles and specially designed for area rugs.  When storing your rugs, you should consider having your rugs moth treated to prevent moth damage.  We offer moth preventative services to coincide with rug wrapping for safe storage.

Rugs should be stored in a dry area that is not subject to extreme changes in temperature and humidity and is insect and rodent free. You should use caution when storing your rugs in your attic, garage, or basement.

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