Tufted Rugs

Your tufted rug is constructed much like a sandwich consisting of face yarns that are stitched into a primary backing with adhesive and a secondary backing.  As professional rug cleaners, we give special consideration to the fact that the backing materials and adhesive bonds must be in sound condition before we try to clean your rug.


If your tufted rug does not have pet urine issues, we typically use a low moisture cleaning method which includes hand spotting and and hand extraction on more soiled areas. If your tufted rug has pet urine issues, we will fully wet clean (aka submerge) your rug if we feel its construction is durable enough to stand up to submersion cleaning and we expect good results.

Tufted rugs have two inherent cleaning issues:

1) Odor

2) Construction

The below video speaks a bit about some of the issues with cleaning tufted rugs:

Tufted Rug Examples