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My Rug Has Water Damage

What Should I Do?


Time is of the essence!  When your rug gets wet, sometimes restoration companies do not know what to do to save your rug.  Many times we have seen them just roll the rug up and toss it aside.  Wet rugs can mildew very quickly.  If your rug gets wet, do not just roll it up and set it aside.  A rolled up wet rug will mildew and get dry rot faster than you think.  The best thing to do is to lay the rug out and get fans on it - both underneath and on top and then call us.  If you have no room to lay it out and/or you do not have fans, call us.  We can pick up the rug for you (or you can bring it in) and we can dry it out immediately at our facility.  After it is dry, you can have the rug washed.

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