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We wash each rug individually for optimum results!

We Will Match Any Metro Atlanta  Rug Cleaning Company Price!


We will match any Metro Atlanta rug cleaning company's rug cleaning price.  We are excited to provide you with the best rug cleaning experience possible and hope you choose us because you believe we will provide the highest level of service, the best cleaning methods, at the best price.  In order to match pricing we have just a couple of terms:

1) The rug cleaner must have a rug cleaning facility

  • No residential garages or storage units allowed.  Many carpet cleaners will try to clean rugs at their home or rent a storage unit.  Rug cleaning requires not only the proper zoning but ample space and specialized equipment to clean rugs thoroughly (red flag - residential address or no address on their website).

2) The estimate must be in writing

  • The estimate should include: rug size, fiber (ex. wool or not wool), wash type (ex. full submersion).  We just want to make sure we are matching apples to apples :)

  • Be wary of rug cleaners who will not give you a price in writing or no details.  We will always provide a written estimate with details!

3) The rug must be cleaned in the rug cleaner's facility and not in your home

  • No hot water extraction truck mounts allowed.  Many carpet cleaners try cleaning rugs using carpet cleaning equipment/chemicals.  Your rugs require specific chemistry and methods to clean them properly without damage.

  • Carpet cleaning chemicals can damage delicate rug fibers.  Cleaning rugs on your hardwood floors can damage your floors.

  • No rug tubs or conveyor-belt cleaning systems.  These systems are designed to do "cheap, good enough" cleaning and do not necessarily serve the customer who desires the cleanest rug possible.  Each rug must be hand washed individually (the best way to clean a rug).  Please refer to "STEP #3 RUG WASHING" for details.

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