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We take the extra effort other rug cleaners do not to try to remove all stains as much as possible!

Stains on your rug can be a real frustration.  Whether the stains are from foot traffic, pets, or numerous types of spills and spots, we can help solve these problems. 


The best way to help prevent stains on your rugs is to have your rugs protected but not everyone knows about protection or has their rugs protected when they are new or cleaned.  The best way to ensure we will have success removing stains from your rug is for you to follow our stain removal suggestion and then call us. 

We use very specialized equipment, processes, and chemistry to reduce/remove stain issues from your rugs. 


The main techniques we use to get stains out of your rugs include:

  • Flushing

  • Washing

  • Rinsing

  • Post Dry Spotting

  • UV Light

Flushing: Most stain reduction/removal can be addressed with our regular submersion wash and spotting processes.  Not all rugs need flushing to reduce/remove stains.  We tend to use our flushing process to remove odor but it can have a significant impact in reducing stains as well – especially pet and mildew stains.  When you have a specific concern about a stain, we can recommend whether flushing your rug will impact the reduction/removal of the stain.  Our submersion flush process permeates the entire rug to remove pet urine, feces, vomit, mildew, and/or extremely soiled organic material.  This process uses a combination of stain removing chemistry and specialized equipment to allow your rug to be thoroughly flushed.  Because this process is so effective, we can also guarantee odor removal from woven rugs that get the optional flush procedure performed.


Washing: Once your rug has been flushed, we then wash your rug on our wash floor.  This is our normal submersion wash process.  During this process, we also focus on any stains on the rug and treat them right on the wash floor. Moreover, some rugs respond well to pressure washing which does a great job in reducing/eliminating stains.  If you have dirty fringe, we may specifically treat the fringe and then us high pressured water on the fringe to get it clean.


Rinsing: Although not obvious, rinsing your rug thoroughly also contributes to effective stain removal.  When your rug is not rinsed thoroughly, stains may come back after you take your rug home.  We place your rug in our 14’ rug centrifuge.  While your rug is spinning, we release fresh water into the centrifuge.  While your rug is spinning, we rinse your rug.  We watch the water coming out of the centrifuge and when the water is crystal clear, we then turn off the water and let your rug spin until pretty much all the water stops coming out of the centrifuge (very similar to your how your washing machine at home will spin your clothes).  It takes hundreds of gallons of water to properly rinse a rug. 


Post Drying Spotting: After your rug is dry, we then have special spotters that we use to further address any spots that remain.  In addition, we may detail your fringe using special chemistry and tools to bring your fringe back to life.

UV Light Stain Reduction/Removal: We are one of the very few service providers who use UV light technology to reduce/remove stains.  This technology is cutting edge and is quite effective.


The reasons above are why we do not clean rugs in your home. It is just impossible to match the cleaning capabilities we have in our shop in a home environment.


Below is a beautiful fine wool rug we had washed that, although it was very clean, was unfortunately stained with pet urine.  After the rug was treated with the UV Light, the spot was significantly reduced.  This rug went from having a very unsightly noticeable stain to looking great!


  1. Have on hand a soft white 100% cotton terrycloth towel.  Keep the towel in an inconspicuous place that is easily accessible. 

  2. Use a spoon to scoop up any material.  Using a 100% cotton soft towel, blot the spot. 

  3. DO NOT USE ANY OVER-THE-COUNTER CLEANING PRODUCTS!  If you do use any over-the-counter products, you risk setting the stain and/or reducing our ability to remove the stain!

  4. DO NOT SCRUB!  You will scratch the fiber and the section of the spill will never look the same in that area because the fibers will reflect light differently.  

  5. Call us – we will give you our professional opinion as to what to do next.

Sometimes well meaning customers don’t know what they don’t know and, with good intent, unfortunately cause issues when they use over-the-counter products to get spots out.  We will consult with you to determine the type of fabric, what spilled on the fabric, and if a professional cleaning is needed (a spotting visit fee will be charged for any professional cleaning services).

Spot Removal Instructions
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