Will I be paying a fair price? Will my rug get cleaned properly? Will my rug get damaged?

Jeff Benedict cleans your rug in his professional rug cleaning facility.

We cost less – not more. Many carpet cleaners do not actually clean your rug themselves. They drop it off at a dry cleaners or at an actual real rug cleaning facility. You wind up paying more because they pass the cost on to you to get the rug cleaned and then they need to charge you a premium on top of that so they can make money. Why not just come straight to us! No middle man to raise the cost or create a breakdown in communication about cleaning your rug.

We won’t damage your rug. We have the proper equipment to clean your rug thoroughly. Some cleaners might try to clean your rug at their house on the driveway or back patio. Typically, these carpet cleaners are not knowledgeable in rug cleaning and can damage your rug. They most likely do not have the proper equipment to clean your rug thoroughly as well. They mean well but mistakes happen!

We don’t clean your rug in your home. We guarantee your rug will get cleaned properly. If your carpet cleaner states they can clean your rug in your home, they most likely will not be able to clean it thoroughly because the only way to clean a rug properly is to take it to a rug cleaning facility which has the tools/equipment/space needed to clean your rug.


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